Friday, January 15, 2010

Helping Haiti: Proud to be LSG

I don't think a soul on this Earth hasn't been touched by the tragedy that has recently befallen the beautiful land and people of Haiti. Outpouring of support has come from so many people and places, and I'm proud this moment to be a knitter, a Ravelry member, and specifically a member of a particular group on Ravelry called Lazy, Stupid, and Godless.

LSG to some may sound like a group to be ashamed that you're a part of. But LSG, despite the name, is full of hardworking, incredibly intelligent, occasionally spiritual, and (more now than ever) the most compassionate and generous people that I have ever had the pleasure to call my friends.

From nearly the moment the Earth started to shake under Haiti, the ladies and gentlemen of LSG mobilized. They set up a goal and goal counter and urged their members to give until it hurt. And give they did. By day one the $5,000 goal had been obliterated. Red Cross, Doctors without Borders, and many other organizations were all targeted, and the outflow of cash from these men and women, some of whom have been laid off recently or had other family or financial tragedies in recent times just kept coming.

The bar was raised, and $10,000 was the new goal. Of the over 5,000 current members of LSG, some of those who run Etsy shops, businesses, or sell patterns started pledging large chunks of their profits to the cause. Those totals haven't even been tallied yet, as purchases are still being made by generous folks of LSG, Ravelry at large, and even those outside the knitting community. The group made quick work of breaking through the $10,000 mark. Members posted on their blogs, websites, and other outlets to keep urging each other to give. The bar was yet again raised, and $15,000 was the new goal this fantastic group set forth to demolish.

This one small group has banded together to show the people of Haiti we care, and to show the world that you don't have to be a multi-million dollar corporation to make a huge difference in the suffering of fellow members of the largest group of all- mankind.

So now, I, a PROUD member of a group that may be potty-mouthed and dirty-minded at times, and with tears of pride and heartbreak for Haiti in my eyes, urge you to give. Help as you would want to be helped. Below are links that I truly wish you'll take a look at. The links lead to blogs of fellow LSGers with links to patterns and items for sale that have pledged profits, and to lists of organizations I hope you'll give to.

Ravelry members can visit the LSG-A-Thon for Haiti thread here. You'll find the counter for the current $15,000 goal (we're at over $12,000 so far!), and links to many organizations providing relief, as well as links to patterns and items for sale that have pledged profits to the cause.

A fantastic designer, LSG member, and all around incredible woman named Kristen Rengren has a blog post here with the most comprehensive listing and links to patterns and items for sale that have pledged profits (including her two latest (fabulous) patterns, Bob the Dog and Harlow, which she's pledging 50% of sales in January, and my Pinwheel Ruffles Hat, which I've pledged to donate $2.00 for every pattern sold in January and can also be bought in my Etsy shop, as well as from the 'Buy Now' button below the photo of the hat in my 'Without Further Ado' post).

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