Monday, September 29, 2008

Almost there...

I've gotten a good chunk done of what I had hoped to accomplish over the next couple days. Of course, every thing I checked off my little list added two more things that I hadn't thought about, but once I got on a roll it wasn't too painful.

So now, here I sit with my new pattern, all done up in a pretty PDF format, complete with a couple good pictures of the finished object. But now I'm starting to doubt my decision to charge even a small amount for my pattern. Frankly, I'm worried it doesn't make sense, or at the very least, is too long.

I do wonder now though about something else. I've always considered myself a competent writer. I'm a fairly good story teller too, or so I'm told. So why is that writing this blog feels like I'm having to learn a foreign language or something? Am I over thinking it (as I do, on occasion... okay, shut up. So I do it all the time, but do you have to tattle on me?) and maybe it's just my writing style differs from other fiber blog writers? Or am I really sounding as amateur and silly as I think I'm sounding?

Who knows. My brain is about to implode as it is, so I'll leave that debate for another rant. For now, I'm going to try to post my pattern here. Who knows, maybe someday someone will actually read this blog, take a look at my pattern, and be able to tell me if it makes an ounce of sense!


Ren said...

hi! every blogger sounds different and has their own unique voice... you should try not to worry about it too much. i tend to write my blog more as a conversation than an essay (so it's less about "good writing"). not that i'm saying you sound like an essay. : )

if you're worried about your pattern, maybe you could find a few test knitters. they would get the patten for free, but then you'd have a few finished projects on ravelry once you get everything set up. *shrug* just a thought.

hope you enjoy your new blog!

ButterflyKyss said...

Thank you very much Ren! You suggestions are really helpful! I am enjoying my new blog so far (even if it's making me a little crazy :P) and I think I will take your advice on the test knitter idea (if you're up for it, just let me know! I added instructions to make not only the baby headband but an adult version as well). I hope you'll pop back over and see how it all turns out! Thanks for being not only so helpful, but my very first commenter :)