Thursday, October 2, 2008


As much as I want to jump in to posting a bunch of really relevant and interesting information and witty remarks, the whole layout and design of the blog is driving me a bit nutty, so I'll be tinkering with that for a bit until I get it right-ish.

I just created a new banner blog title thingy (see? up there? thoughts on it? anyone?) and I'm hoping to base the color and design on that. So I'll be updating the posts with any cool blog-designing info I stumble upon in my searches and I'll post more about knitting and crafts as soon as I tame the wild beast that is my pepto-bismol pink blog.


Teresa said...

I love your banner! Good job!:)

ButterflyKyss said...

Thank you very much Teresa! It's great to have feedback, and good feedback is even better :D