Sunday, November 9, 2008


As you saw in my last post, I have been loving the contests lately! Well here's one that I've entered a couple times, and I'm in the finals for! If you go to the Chocolista's website (two girls, blogging about chocolate- how freakin' cool is that?) you'll find their recurring name-that-dessert contest. This time, my name suggestion (Raspberry Respite!) made it to the top ten and now it's time to vote! So now, for the hopeless plug for myself- please go vote for me! This seventh-edition of their contest's prizes are a gorgeous chocolate-theme necklace and some scrumptious looking choco-themed gift tags.

And now, the great part! After you get done voting for me (you know you want to! :P) you should bookmark this fab site and return when the new contest comes up to try your hand at naming yummy-looking desserts for a chance to win yourself!

If you enter and your name is chosen as top ten, post a comment and I'll do a little vote-for-my reader advertising for ya!

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